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Renewable Technology Supply

Strong Energy have a technological portfolio which can integrate solutions into new developments or existing plant rooms specifically to enable our customers to gain maximum benefit from the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Strong Energy works alongside you to select the right biomass or heat-pump heating design for your applications up to 10MWs, suitable for homes, offices, hospitals, schools, retail, industrial and commercial applications as well as district heating schemes.


South Bristol Biomass Boiler


Strong Energy is a leading specialist supplier of high efficiency automatic heating systems throughout the UK and Ireland. We are the UK's exclusive distributor for Binder and Hargassner wood-chip and pellet boilers, both leading Austrian manufacturers of biomass boilers for over twenty years. As well as a partnership with German heat-pump manufacturer Waterkolle. We will help you identify the right boiler for your building and help you maximize your RHI income, as well as generating a comfortable living or working environment for you.

Because there is more to our products than just buying your chosen system, together we will focus on the design, supply, installation and commissioning of complete biomass boiler systems. Giving you a full support package tailored to your needs.